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Reaction to the 2015 Emmy Nominations: Snubs and Surprises

Reaction to the 2015 Emmy Nominations: Snubs and Surprises

The Primetime Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, here are my thoughts on some of the big categories. 
Outstanding Comedy Series: Louie, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, Silicon Valley, Transparent, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, VeepThe surprises here were good ones, Parks and Recreation and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are both terrific shows and deserved their spots. Veep, of course, is always deserving. Emmy voters were never going to deny Louie and Modern Family. Haven't seen the other two. 
Outstanding Drama Series: Better Call Saul, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland, House of Cards, Mad Men, Orange Is The New BlackThe snubs include Empire, which I haven't seen, but many people seem to like, and Bloodline, which I liked, if not loved,  The Americans and The Good Wife. Honestly I don't think very highly of any of the shows that were nominated. 
Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Kyle Chandler, Je…

Ranking of Every Walt Disney Animated Film

A Complete Ranking of All 54 Walt Disney Animated FilmsIn late 2013 while trying to come up with article ideas for the blog I was intending to start, I came up with the idea to rank all the Disney films. It seemed like an easy enough task, but I soon realized there were several Disney films that I had never seen, or had not seen in years. To accurately be able to rank all of them, I decided I would watch every film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series in the order which they were released. I watched a film a week for the entire year of 2014. It was a great experience, as I got to see not only the evolution of animation as an art form, but the highs and lows of Disney as a studio. Each week I would learn something new about the films I thought I knew every about. After a year and a half of research, here is how I ranked them: