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The Ten Best Movies and TV Shows of 2021


No explanations. No apologies. These are the lists and they ARE definitive. 

Top Ten Films

10. The Last Duel (Scott)
9. Halloween Kills (Green)
8. No Sudden Move (Soderbergh)
7. Cry Macho (Eastwood)
6. West Side Story (Spielberg) 
5. The Dig (Stone)
4. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Greenbaum)
3. CODA (Heder)
2. Bergman Island (Hansen-Løve)
1. The Lost Daughter (Gyllenhaal)

Top Ten Television Shows

10. Invasion (AppleTV+)
9. Evil (Paramount+)
8. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo)
7. Ghosts (CBS)
6. Maid (Netflix)
5. It's a Sin (Channel 4 in the UK, HBO Max in the US)
4. Couples Therapy (Showtime)
3. Succession (HBO)
2. Mare of Easttown (HBO)
1. The North Water (BBC Two in the UK, AMC+ in the US)


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